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Do you have any questions about how Cyclefi's service works? We gathered for you the most common questions and we answer them!

What is Cyclefi?

Cyclefi is a rewarding service that provides you with a unique package of online offers and discount coupons, rewarding your intention to recycle with the new recycling bags, "SANITAS Cyclefi".

In fact, the more often you recycle with the orange SANITAS Cyclefi waste bags, the more offers & discounts you get through our platform. Cyclefi is the first application that rewards your intention to actively participate in our effort to improve the low recycling rates in Greece and to protect the environment effectively.

How can I join Cyclefi?

Your participation in Cyclefi can be done easily, quickly and simply. All you need is to do a free subscription to Cyclefi's service either through the platform or alternatively download the Cyclefi mobile app available in the Google Play store and the Apple App store called Cyclefi.


After completing the fields of the form found in the "REGISTER" section and completing the registration of your registration, you will receive a confirmation email at your email address, which you stated when registering, in order to complete your registration safely. If you have not received Cyclefi's confirmation email in your incoming email messages, we suggest that you check your Spam mail.


Congratulations! The first step was done. You are now a member of the most dynamic recycling team!

Which are the affiliate partners of Cyclefi?

Cyclefi's rewarding service is enriched daily to meet your growing needs. We try on a daily basis to add new businesses from different industries and categories. So far, over 100 businesses have been involved in Cyclefi's award-winning service, while the service offer package exclusively provides customers who recycle with the orange SANITAS Cyclefi waste bags the opportunity to enjoy online offers and discount vouchers on all weekdays, your essential and favorite purchases, from the following categories: Food, Entertainment, Beauty, Clothing, Products, Services.

I have noticed that there are two (2) different packages (s) "SANITAS Cyclefi". What is their difference?

Packages with recycling bags for recycling, "SANITAS Cyclefi" are available in two different sizes to meet different needs. You can obtain either the package containing large orange bags of 45lt or the package containing the giant orange 100lt litter bags. Apart from the obvious difference in the size of each recycling bag, you will find in every "SANITAS Cyclefi" package, there is a corresponding difference in your reward.


In fact, by entering in your personal account the unique code you will find in the SANITAS Cyclefi package containing the 100lt orange waste bags, you immediately unlock twice the (2X) online offers and discount coupons compared to offers and discount coupons you can enjoy by registering the unique code you will find in the package containing the large (45lt) orange bags of waste.

How can I get Cyclefi offers?

Cyclefi is an original and innovative product as a service. To achieve our mission and make our vision a reality, for the first time in the world, we provide you with an innovative value-promoting and recycling idea that essentially combines a Fast Moving Consumer Good (FMCG) such as garbage bags, with an innovative reward mechanism.


Essentially, we reward your intention to recycle with recycling bags, "SANITAS Cyclefi. More specifically, either through the mobile application by reading the QR code of the tag or through your personal account on the platform, with the unique code of the "SANITAS Cyclefi" package, we unlock for you a unique package with online offers and discount coupons to get instant and free access to various product and service categories that aim to reduce your daily expenses.

How do I redeem the coupons I choose?

Instantly, as with any offer you choose, you get the coupon of the offer with the corresponding coupon code. Depending on the affiliate, you can redeem your coupon:

   1. by displaying (either through your mobile screen or printed) the coupon code displayed on the voucher in a physical store of the affiliate

   2. Apply the code to the corresponding field of the Cyclefi partner's e-shop.

You can always find the coupon you have chosen along with its unique code to be able to redeem the offer by choosing your digital wallet, "My Coupons", through your personal account.

I forgot my password, what can I do?

You can reset your password by clicking on the "LOGIN" button at the top of our page and then "Forgot my password".

I have requested a password reset but I have not received an email. What can be happened?

The following may occur:

    1. The email we sent you has gone to the spam folder (Spam / Junk).

    2. Did not enter your email address correctly. If you think it may have happened

         this, you can repeat the process by carefully checking if your email is correct.

I want my business to join Cyclefi's network of partners, too. What should I do;

You can express your desire to join Cyclefi's partner network by completing the form of interest on our page. The Cyclefi team will contact you as soon as possible!

How is Cyclefi's positive environmental footprint calculated?

The positive environmental footprint of the service is calculated based on the estimated amount of waste contained in the two different sizes (45lt or 100lt) of each orange SANITAS Cyclefi garbage bag, as derived from the average qualitative and quantitative composition of recyclable waste in Greece.


In each "SANITAS Cyclefi" package, a common 12-digit code is given, which is unique for each package. Each time you enter your 12-digit code on your personal account, the size (45lt or 100lt) of each orange waste bag is identified, the estimated amount of waste that each bag will carry and the amount added together with the quantity of the remaining users of the service, in order to calculate the overall positive environmental footprint of Cyclefi.

How is Cyclefi's positive financial impact calculated?

The positive economic impact of the service is calculated from the minimum benefit of the savings (€) you receive when you redeem each time a coupon to a partner. The minimum benefit of the savings (€) you receive is determined by each partner company when creating its bid.


Each time a coupon is redeemed (a unique offer code) to a Cyclefi partner, the minimum saving benefit (€) resulting from that cashout is added along with the total savings (€) received by the other users of the service until then, in order to calculate the overall positive economic impact of Cyclefi's service.

What is the social impact and how can I participate?

The social impact is targeted exclusively at users of the Cyclefi mobile application. With every package code you enter through Cyclefi app, you can automatically vote for one of the 3 proposed collective and social actions, offering part of the earnings from this "SANITAS Cyclefi" package.


In order to reap the revenue collected, a group goal, linked to the total number of QR codes listed on each SANITAS Cyclefi tag, should be achieved and scanned each time through the mobile application. Each QR code is unique for each tag and different for each package, so you can only scan one time.


When the group target is achieved, then part of Cyclefi's earnings, as well as money from program promoters, are attributed to the 3 collective and social actions according to the percentages generated by online voting. So, all you have to do is to vote, the action you want to support and count your bags before discarding.

How can I scan the QR code of the tag?

The scanning process of the QR code shown on each tag can only be done by Cyclefi mobile application. After installing the Cyclefi mobile app, all you need to do is click the "BAG COUNT" button and read the QR code of the tag you put on the orange bag strap.

Why should I scan the QR code of an adhesive sticker that I place on the orange bag?

With every scanned tag, you:

      1. count in real terms your recycling,

      2. help achieve Cyclefiers' collective goal to share some of our revenue in the 3 social and collective actions and

      3. directly get the right to choose an extra voucher from any partner you want.

Why place the blue tag on the orange bag?

Το όραμα της Cyclefi είναι να αλλάξει την υφιστάμενη κατάσταση της ανακύκλωσης στην Ελλάδα μέσα από ισχυρά κίνητρα που δίνουν οι συνεργαζόμενες επιχειρήσεις. Σύντομα η Cyclefi θα ενισχυθεί με μία επιπλέον υπηρεσία, όπου ο κάθε πολίτης θα επιβραβεύεται ακόμα περισσότερο, επειδή αποδεδειγμένα ανακύκλωσε με την πορτοκαλί σακούλα απορριμμάτων “SANITAS Cyclefi”. Στόχος της Cyclefi είναι η ανακύκλωση να γίνει μέρος της καθημερινότητας μας και όλοι μαζί θα το πετύχουμε.

Why does the Cyclefi application request access on my camera?

The Cyclefi application asks for access to your camera to read the QR code of the sticker to enter the unique SANITAS Cyclefi package, unlocking the unique package with online promotions and discount coupons, and finally be able to count the orange bags you throw away for recycling.

How does Cyclefi protect my data and privacy?

At Cyclefi, we take the data and privacy issue of our users very seriously. In particular, Cyclefi is committed to respecting and safeguarding your privacy and to comply with applicable data and privacy laws by taking all necessary technical measures. The data collected by Cyclefi are those that are required and used exclusively for the purposes for which they are collected, excluding any other undesirable use thereof. All data is anonymized and we do not sell user data to third party recipients. A court summons or other legal process is required to access user data in accordance with legal obligations. To learn more, you can read our Statement on Privacy Policy.

I do not find the answer to my question, what can I do?

Do you have a question that has not been answered? You can send us your question through the contact form here or contact our team directly on our social networking pages, as illustratively here. We are happy to help you solve any of your questions.